Soap bubbles are mystifying, they don't hang around long enough for us to see their beautiful colours and patterns or their amazing ability to self-organise.  Kym's portfolio takes us into their world of wonder. 

Air + Soap + Water

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Traditional, art symbolism associates soap bubbles with life's uncertainties, the narrative emphasises an awareness of the present because the future is uncertain and unpredictable.

Grace bubbles represent the opposite - the past. These bubbles did not burst but gradually deflated to become permanent, membrane skeletons.  The series encourages the viewer to look back to the uncertain, unpredictable moments in their past.

This series is the final submission from Kym's BA (Hons) Photography course at the Arts University Bournemouth.  She was awarded a First Class Honours degree upon graduation in 2014.

Renowned British photographer Brian Griffin selected Grace and Kym's Colour Confined video installation to show alongside his Himmelstrasse series, a haunting typology of railway lines used to transport prisoners to concentration camps in Poland during World War II.

To find out more about Grace and Himmelstrasse click here:

Small Worlds