Kym is highly organised and efficient in her work, especially when someone is paying for it!  Her rates are competitive within the industry and she is prepared to put the hours in to reach a deadline.  We're pretty sure she's the only person on the planet whose practice is dedicated to working with bubbles.



Many images on this website are available for Rights Managed advertising, editorial and educational use.  Terms, conditions and prices vary.  Images are supplied as high-res, digital files.  She has an extensive catalogue of images on file if you can't find what you're looking for on this site.

The London based Science Photo Library and it's affiliated agencies around the World license her work.  Contractually, Kym is  obliged to refuse permission to use if contacted directly regarding images on their websites.

Please note, Kym is unable to give anything away for free, her work is her livelihood.

All images and text on this website are protected by copyright.  Neither images or text may be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way without prior permission.  If you are unsure and need clarification for copyright, please refer to this legislation:


Do you have an idea for promoting your product, website or services and need a bubble image to get your message across?  Apart from the obvious correlation between bubbles, cleaning products and some beverages, a bubble image can be pertinent to your business in another way - the bubble metaphor; before the bubble bursts, the housing bubble etc.  Can your services prevent your client's bubble from bursting?

If you have a clear idea of what you want or prefer to bounce ideas, contact her.



Kym is always interested in developing new partnerships within the scientific community and with other artists whose interest lies in an ArtScience ethos.  Her collaboration with Prof. Stefan Hutzler, leader of the Foams and Complex Systems Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, proved particularly beneficial by her unexpected, but exciting new discovery.

If you're a scientist, it's worth noting she is always looking for new ways to see something, she has the freedom and knowledge to explore many avenues and possibilities when it comes to photographing.

If you're an artist and would like to collaborate on an ArtScience or bubble orientated project, or get together to discuss a group show, Kym would love to hear from you too.    



Educating is an enjoyable and important part of Kym's practice.  Her devotion to art, science and all things bubbly is evident in her Powerpoint and photographic presentations which are informative, interesting most of all fun.


Up very, very close and personal - The joy of photographing Small Worlds

ArtScience - The Ultimate Partnership 

Forever Blowing - A brief history of bubbles in art

Then and Now - The journey of photographing soap bubbles, soap films and foams


A typical presentation lasts an hour, and includes 40 to 60 slides with an optional opportunity for Q & As.  Presentations can be adapted and tailored to your requirements.  

Film Scanning + Printing

Hasselblad Imacon Flextight


Hasselblad's Flextight scanners are acknowledged to be the finest out there and testament by their use at the BBC and Natural History Museum.  The Flextight can produce a super-supreme, high-res digital file in 8 or 16 bit depth, 80 dpi to 6300 dpi and a file size from 1mb to 400mb, which rivals any drum scanner.  The scanner can handle all film formats up to 5x4.

Your scan will include basic colour correction and saved as an Adobe 98 RGB TIFF (8 bit).  Other colour spaces and file types can be arranged.  Prices for the first scan:

11-60mb   £12.00   (max print size 12 x 16")

61-120mb   £15.00   (max print size 20 x 24")

121-250mb   £18.00   (max print size 40 x 30")

251-400mb   £26.00   (max print size 60 x 48")

For the second and subsequent scans:

11-60mb   £10.00

61-120mb   £13.00

121-250mb   £15.00

251-400mb   £22.00


Discounts for batch scanning.

Kym is meticulous and extremely careful at handling your film.  It will be in safe hands!


If you are considering digitising your complete film archive, please do contact her to discuss your requirements and numbers involved.  Kym is organised and highly efficient when it comes to dealing with a high volume of work.

Please note:  Kym Cox Photography is not VAT. Registered.  Therefore, no VAT. is implied or chargeable on prices quoted.



If you'd like a print(s) of your scan, this can be arranged through her close affiliation to PWD.  Paul Williams Digital has almost 30 years experience and provides a professional, digital services specialising in various photographic papers including Digital Cotton, Baryta Fibre Art and Digital Canvas.  Paul's work and his client list is impressive.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Paul on (01202) 249492 or email

Click here to download a PDF of Paul's 2018 Price List

Scan Retouching


A 'light' retouching service is available.  This includes the removal of blemishes, dust marks, scratches, tone and colour correction without interfering with the integrity of the original, unless requested to do so.

Images that require considerable post-production can be also carried out.     

Prices are time-based and start at £10 per image, per 15 mins.  Kym will provide a quote and contact you before any post-production is carried out.


        © Paul Hammond, 916 Imaging

       © Paul Hammond, 916 Imaging


In the beginning ...


Kym spent her formative years in Wokingham, Berkshire.  After two unsuccessful applications to study City and Guilds Photography at College, she qualified as a beauty therapist instead and then moved to Bristol whereby a series of bizarre events led her to become a trainee Fingerprint Expert.  In 1989 she sold her apartment to finance a sabbatical to the Far East and Australia, working in Melbourne Fingerprint Bureau for a while.  After eighteen months she returned home to resume her fingerprint career.


Film out - Digital in


In 1998 Kym and her family moved to Luanda, Angola.  At that time, photographing was prohibited, so she hid in the back of the car to photograph the city and barrios whilst her driver and bodyguard avoided the police and patrol cars.  She smuggled unprocessed films out whenever the opportunity arose, until the airport x-ray machine destroyed one big batch of film.  As a result, Kym reluctantly turned to the 'dark side' - Digital.


What to do in Baku?


Once again Kym and her family relocated, to Baku in Azerbaijan.  Photographing here was positively encouraged.  The locals, especially children, asked to be photographed.  Kym established and ran digital photography courses for ex-pats and nationals, each course culminated with a group exhibition.  During this time, she made the decision to study photography at degree level when she returned to England.

But ... a degree application requires the A' Level Photography qualification.  It was during this course that Kym began photographing soap bubbles.


Back to School


BA (Hons) Photography (First Class)  Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), England

BTEC National Certificate in Art and Design Photography (Double Grade Distinction Merit)  AUB




Association of Photographers' Student Awards 2011 (Finalist)

Royal Photographic Society/Siemens International Images for Science 2015/16

Royal Photographic Society/Siemens International Images for Science 2016/17




Royal Photographic Society  (Associate)

Institute of Physics (Affiliate)



A life in Cameras


Kodak Instamatic 104     Halina 110 Supershooter     Canon AE1 Program     Canon A1     Canon 20D     Sony Cybershot

     Canon 1D MK III     Canon G5     Kiev 88     Nikon F5     Hasselblad 500CM     Leica V-LUX 40     Nikon 800E

Haynes Classic Camera




Arca      B+W     Elinchrom     Gitzo     Hedler     Lee Filters     Zeiss Lenses

Mac and Eizo

Adobe Photoshop     Adobe Lightroom