Grace is rooted to traditional art symbolism associating soap bubbles with the uncertainty of life expectancy and the unexpected loss of something cherished. The narrative emphasises an awareness of the present because the future is both uncertain and unpredictable.

The series represents memories of the past through a series of chronological episodes; Conception, Infancy, Childhood, Teenage, Young Adult, Family, Retirement, Old Age and Death. The bubbles in each photograph do not burst, instead they slowly deflate leaving a thin membrane skeleton as evidence of their prior existence. Foregone events, experiences and people influence and transform our journey to the present. Memories, like Grace bubbles are trace elements of a previous time and place, a reminder of the past which ultimately defines who we are and what we have become in the present.

Grace is not presented or to be viewed as a chronological timeline, the randomness reflects memory recollections which occur according to the moment. Grace is the final body of work from the BA(Hons) Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth, to which I was awarded First Class degree.


The Royal Photographic Society and British photographer Brian Griffin, selected Grace and my Colour Confined video to exhibit alongside Griffin's Himmelstrasse series at the Magic Gallery, London. Himmelstrasse documents the terrain and railway tracks used to transport prisoners to the concentration camps in Poland during World War II. My Colour Confined  video shows bubbles in a glass, cylindrical tube going through the cycle of light interference colours and patterns over time.

Brian Griffin was considered “the photographer of the decade” by the Guardian Newspaper in 1989 and “the most unpredictable and influential British portrait photographer of the last decades” by the British Journal of Photography in 2005 and “one of Britain’s most influential photographers” by the World Photography Organisation in 2015. He has worked with many clients in the music business, such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sting and Elvis Costello.