British Institute of Professional photography

South East Photographer of the Year 2018


The beauty of bubbles are brought to life through the work on this website.  To ensure my imagery is unique in the domain of visual representation I develop innovative photographic practices and design, create and work from a range of unique studio rigs and sets.  

Welcome to my wonderful world of bubbles.


The imagery on this website transcends traditional art symbolism of bubbles by incorporating elements from bubble science.  I want you to discover a unique and visually intriguing body of work and be amazed at what bubbles have to offer.  There is so much more to bubbles than the obvious!


If you want to engage my expertise for educational or professional purposes, use my work to support your own or maybe join forces for an ArtScience collaboration or similar project, then take a look here...


Working with Prof. Stefan Hutzler, leader of the the Foams and Complex Systems Group, Trinity College Dublin, we reveal the mutual benefits and outcomes of our ArtScience collaboration and my exciting new discovery.


In the meantime framed, limited edition and unmounted photographic prints are available for purchase.  To discuss your budget and requirements do get in touch. 


I’d love to hear from you.